I’m just a guy looking for my next tattoo. My usual artist of many years left the Chicagoland area, and while I try to see him when he visits, it’s hard to say how often that’ll be. So I decide to look online and start to research new artists. But there is a big problem.

There are plenty of lists out there like “The 13 best tattoo shops in Chicago!” but nowhere have I found an all-inclusive list of every artist or shop in the area that both showcases the work, but also allows for community feedback and reviews, all in one place.

So I started to collect a list of artists for my own personal use. I quickly realized this was too good to be kept secret. I must make this available to all.

Inkwork Directory // Chicago is striving to become just that: an unbiased and complete online directory of all tattoo shops and artists around Chicagoland. But there is no reason it has to stop there. Plenty of cities and regions in the country, let alone the world, have tons of artists that no one knows anything about.

This site is meant to be a place where potential clients can easily find and connect with artists and shops. Perhaps even one day a place where artists can find places to set up shop, do guest spots, seek out places or people to take them on as an apprentice, and more. The future potential of a community gathered around a common interest is endless.

So join us today. Create a listing for you or a shop or artist you know, and help us build the greatest tattoo directory around.

Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.